The Pink Pig
1188 N. HWY 67
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
972-293-0377 day
972-299-5725 night
Bar-B-Que & Catering
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The Pink Pink is a family ran business.  We specialize in custom BBQ.  From beef to pork to turkey to funnel cakes, you need it we can get it.  We are a world class business, with high quality products with the flavor you can not even imagine until you have tried it.  It is ran by Paul Stroud and Mike White of Cedar Hill, Texas.  Both have been in the food industry for a combined total of 60 plus years. They hire within getting family to help out when needed so there is never any strangers to make disasters.  By doing that everyone knows what to do making thing perfect for you.  We started our business by selling food to the public at a community festival.  People loved it so much that we started getting phone calls to cater to birthdays, weddings, funnerals, parties (business or personal) and to prepare holiday meats.  People just don't love the food they love how reasonably priced we are.  We will cater to just about anyone.  We can set up site or cook, deliver and you serve.  We have been in several local newspapers and is highly recommended as the finest bar-b-que around.